juli 22, 2019

Direct flight from France to BeNe Ladies Tour

Just got back to Belgium, in time to start this years BeNe Ladies Tour, after a solid 2 weeks training camp in south of France. France was amazing, with some strong rides lead by Helen. Think it’s fair to say, everyone was tired during the end of the camp.

Thursday evening we were back on our race bikes, starting with a 3,9km prologue. Everyone did well and got safe through.

Friday was the real start of the race, with 121,2km. crossing the border between Holland and Belgium. As expected a hectic day, with crosswind and a peloton that split into five groups. Alicia had a mechanical just after passing the cobbles, but was fast at getting back to the peloton. We all made it over the bridge in the second group, which fast was back with the first group, as we got of the bridge again. The finish was one big mess, as a huge crash happened just underneath the 1km sign. Anna was happy she had here cross skills to jump over and just made it by. The other of us was caught behind, but made it safe to the finish line. 

Saturday was double day, with 90km in the morning and 14,5km TT in the evening. The weather forecast said massive rain, lightning and thunder. Luckily the worst took off before the start, but as the roads were still wet, the whole day was characterized by one crash after another. Even though all of us was good at staying in the front, both Manon, Anna and I tasted the truth of the asphalt. With a bit sore bodies, we startede the evening TT and made the best out of it.

Sunday and the last day, 112,2 km with 9 laps around Zelzate. Speeking for myself, I had a super bad day with and uncooperative body, and wasent able to finsh the day. Anna and Alicia again showed their strainght and finished the race from the bunch.

Now we all need to recover a bit, and then you’ll see us again in Erondegemse Pijl the 3th of August.

Greets Trine