maart 14, 2019

Life as a cyclist during season prep.

Hey ExperzaProCX followers, just a little introduction, to those who doesn’t know me. My name is Trine Holmsgaard I’m 21 years old and the Danish rider on the team. Those who followed the team last year will probably recognize my name, as I joined Christel’s team in 2018. 

At the moment you will find me on the roads in Denmark, facing the cold and wet spring weather, either as a Danish Viking outside getting dirty or inside my pain cave, in more convincing degrees, sweating tears – quote Sarah Rijkes “in the end it’s both salty water”. So, true that.

The past month I’ve been traveling south of Europe, in places with more convincing weather forecasts, making quality miles on the bike. Started February with 14 days of climbing the mountains of Gran Canaria, clocking some good hours.

From Gran Canaria I continued to Valencia, to meet up with a French team, who Jessy and I guest ridded to compete in Setmana Ciclista Valencia. Sadly the race didn’t go to my favour, as I was hit by bad luck on stage 1 and 2 and just before stage 3 I got sick, finished the stage, but in decision with our French DS, I decided not to start the 4th and last stage.

Continuing from Valencia you found me in Limoux, where the body needed some days of rest, to get back in health. After some days, I was back on the bike, challenging the beautiful roads in south of France. 

After more than a month abroad, I’m now back in Denmark for some weeks, counting down the days, for our upcoming team training camp in April. Afterwards you’ll find me on the roads in Belgium.

Hope you enjoyed the read. See you at the start and finish line.