juni 20, 2019

My first Blog!!!!

SO .. it’s Anna, this is my first proper blog for the team and so I am just going to talk a little bit about what I am doing this road season with Experza in preperation for the coming CX season!

I decided after extending my contract with Exoerza to fully commit to giving the cyclocross season a proper go. I have always just raced a full mtb or road season and used cyclocross to fill the gap in the winter. But with a few promising seasons in CX my focus for the coming season is fully on CX. So this year had been my first proper ‘off season’ since I started racing around 4 / 5 years ago! Although we call it an ‘off season’ there has still been plenty of road racing and have plenty more planned in Belgium with the team and some home races back in the UK too. But its quite nice to race without so much pressure on the road and really use them as training but also to support the full time roadie girls Trine & Jessy! I have really enjoyed working as part of the team and for the girls, I have found each race we have gotten better at working together and communicating and i am feeling like i am learning so much each race and getting stronger and more confident too.

My prep for the CX season has been pretty cool so far, I’ve been able to use Helens AMAZING house in france for training camps. But we have also had a training camp in Belgium which was a bit more CX based and it was mint getting back on the CX bikes with the girls, we push eachother in training which is cool!

It’s also been pretty nice to be able to introduce different types of training into my schedule, like swimming at the start of the season. When I had a bit of a niggle in my knee this really helped with building a bit more of a base for me.. I’ve also been doing lots of gym & core which i have found after doing very routinley and consistantly its starting to make a real difference in making me feel stronger!

Experza have also started using a Nutritionist, Andrew, who Helen has used for a few seasons and swears by his food! We use an app via Fuel My Performance and it’s so easy to follow a meal plan and you can track how many macro nutritions etc are in each meal. I feel like Andrews input has been sooo positive and my food choices are perfect for me now, it means i can train well knowing I am not underfuelled or overfuelled and means I have somone to speak to about anything I am unsure or concered about which is perfect!

In addition to nutrition, I have also been having regular physio meetups with a local physio Jason, who has helped so much so far this season. After my knee injury I have been steadily introducing quad strengthening excersizes which have really made a difference in making my knee and quads stronger. Every meetup I learn something new and can take so many pointers away to work on for the next time. Every session we have an evaluation to see if i have improved on the ‘mini goal’ we set previoulsy, which i love as its like motivation to actually commit whether that be to the stretches or excersizes. I feel like this has been making a massive difference and am excited to continue this!

So in terms of racing, I have just gotten back from a block of Kermesse racing. I stayed with Alicia which was lovely training with a team mate for a week we really motivated eachother well. Next up I have Tour of the Resovoir back in the UK on the weekend, and the week after will be National champs!! After that i’ll have a bit of a break from racing for a few weeks because it will be time to head back to France for a 2 week training camp with the team which I am super excited about!!! I am getting my new power meter sent over from Easton which I will be using in France for my training and I’m sooo excited to try this out when i’m there! So will write about that when I’m in France for my 2nd blog..!

Untill the next time, Anna 😉